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Summer league rules

1. Season dates

1.1 The League season shall open on a date agreed at the A.G.M. and no tie shall be played after 31st. August except with the sanction of the Executive Committee.

2. League composition and fixture list

2.1 The composition of the Divisions shall be arranged by the Executive Committee and representative(s)of any club whosoever wishes to attend, prior to the start of each season.
2.2 As a general guide the two teams at the bottom of each division (other than the lowest division) shall be relegated to the next lower division and the two teams at the top of each division (other than the first division) shall be promoted to the next higher division.
2.3 The season's fixture list shall be compiled by the Executive Committee at least two weeks prior to the start of each season.

3 Fixture rescheduling

3.1 In the event that this fixture schedule indicates a Club is required to field a Mixed or a Mens or a Ladies team simultaneously that may call on the same players, then the Club is entitled to reschedule the fixture before the start of the season, but equally must notify the fixtures secretary before the start of their season to amend the date on the website for the change to be approved.
3.2 If for any reason, other than weather, a team is subsequently unable to meet a fixture commitment that team is at liberty to approach the opponents to request rescheduling. The opposition is under no obligation to accept a reschedule, but if agreed then the new date shall be deemed the fixture date and pursued subject to the normal conditions applicable to all fixtures. This date must be agreed between the two teams within TWO weeks of the original approach and advised to the Fixtures Secretary once established. If no agreement is reached, or the Fixtures Secretary is not notified within the two weeks of the new date, then the club that originally requested the postponement shall forfeit the points. No such rescheduling is allowed for a match between two teams from the same club. Any club with two teams in the same division will normally play each other as the first and sixth match in the schedule, in a 6 team division. If this first match is cancelled due to weather then it should be rearranged as soon as possible and should it not then be played before the scheduled reverse fixture (sixth match), the first match will be declared void. In the event that the second scheduled match is not played as scheduled due to weather, the fixture must be completed prior to the last scheduled fixture of both teams. Otherwise the match shall be considered unplayed.
3.3 In the case of a match abandoned where a result has not been reached for reasons of bad light or weather, the match may be continued with the same players or the whole match replayed. In addition if BOTH captains agree and providing at least half the scheduled sets have been played the teams may agree to reduce the numbers of sets that constitutes a match from 9/8 down to minimum 5/4 from which a result can be posted. In the event of an agreement not being reached, Clubs may appeal to the Executive Committee.

4. League scoring and points allocation

4.1 Two points shall be awarded to the winner of a match. In certain cases a drawn match is possible and teams will be awarded one point each. If teams tie with an equal number of League points, their relative positions in the League shall be determined firstly by the number of rubbers for, then sets for and lastly games for .
4.2 Should a team concede a walk-over to another team in any match the latter team shall be awarded two points, six sets and 36 games in the Mixed or Mens Divisions or five sets and 30 games in the Ladies Divisions. In addition, the conceding team will be penalised by one league point, three sets and 18 games. In any match the team which shall win the majority of sets shall be declared the winner of the match.
4.3 For each match not completed by the specified deadline for the end of the season, two points will be deducted from the total points of each team concerned.
4.4 Results posted on the website should be checked and confirmed that they are correct. Any errors should be notified to the Fixtures Secretary before the end of the season otherwise clubs shall have no recourse to challenge the final league tables.

5. Awards presentation

5.1 The Association shall present awards annually to winning teams of each Division. All trophies, etc. shall be considered to be legally owned by the President and the Honorary Treasurer in trust for the Association and after award shall be returned to the Secretary not later than 31st. July.

6. Court equipment

6.1 No fewer than 12 new balls per mixed and mens matches and 8 new balls per ladies match shall be provided by the home Club for each match, of a make approved by The ITFTC (International Tennis Federation Technical Committee). Each club shall ensure that there are serviceable centre tapes on each court used and that there is a measuring stick available for setting the correct height of the net.

7. Result recording

7.1 The Captain of the winning side (or the Home team Captain in the event of a draw) shall be responsible for recording the result of the match on the website ( The opposing captain must also confirm the result, on the website, to show he/she agrees it. This should be done as soon as possible after the match and within 48 hours of the match being played.
7.2 Both captains must also record the result onto a score sheet copies available for downloading and printing from the website matchcard tab, which must be signed by both of them. This will act as a hardcopy of the result should there be any dispute over the score.

8. Team composition

8.1 Teams in the Mixed or Men's Divisions shall consist of three pairs of players and in the Ladies' Divisions of two pairs of players. These pairs shall remain unchanged throughout the match.

9. Match format and eligible players

9.1 The League shall consist of Mixed Doubles, Men's Doubles and Ladies Doubles.
9.2 Unless otherwise agreed the starting time of an evening match shall be 6.30pm.
9.3 Monday is reserved for mixed matches and where possible, all Summer Mixed matches shall be played on a Monday night. Exception being if a club enters a third or more mixed team then the the lower ranked team may choose another day.
9.4 If two teams of the same type are playing on the same night and there is a shortage of players, then the higher team shall be filled first
9.5 Each competing pair of one team in the Mixed or Men's Division shall play one set, with a Tie-Break at six-all against each pair of the opposing team. Each pair in the Ladies ' Divisions shall play two sets with tie-breaks at six-all against both opposing pairs. (9)
9.6 Team Captains are to agree an appropriate order of play. A suggested order for 2 and 3 court matches is available for download on the website. Should any player be absent when called upon to play and remain absent for 15 minutes, the first set must be conceded 6-0. If he/she is still absent after a further 15 minutes then the second set must also be conceded 6-0. For matches on 2 courts involving 3 pairs each team captains may allow for one pair to turn up later than the scheduled start time provided of course they are not absent when called upon to play. Called upon to play means asked to warm up after a court becomes free after the first set played.
9.7 No player arriving more than one hour after the agreed time of start shall be allowed to take part in a match. Captains may NOT contract out of rules 9.6 and 9.7.
9.8 If a team fields an ineligible player, all sets in which he/she takes part shall be awarded 6-0 to the opponents. The Fixtures Secretary shall bring the matter forward without waiting for a protest.
9.9 Where a match is played on different surfaces, the home team shall accede to the wishes of the visiting team wherever possible.
9.10 In matches using three courts, the Away team should play all their games on the same court.

10. Disciplinary procedure

10.1 All offences against the rules of the League Competition may be punished by a fine not exceeding the amount of the deposit, imposed by the Executive Committee in addition to other penalties specified. Such fines shall be paid by the Club concerned within 14 days of receiving notice from the Secretary, otherwise the Club and all its members shall be suspended until the fine is paid.
See registration page for details around player eligibility

March 2014

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